Hi, I'm Wayne Peters

1st Dibbs Multi-Media founder, leader & teacher

A Bit About Our Team

“Hi, a little about us! Our team has been at this a long time now. One of the biggest things we’ve learned, everything is about people coming together, and giving all they have in them. 100% dedication to achieve a dream is what passion is all about. Whether you are a Business owner or a solo athlete, ‘you still need a team to make the dream.’ That is where you will find us, the team behind the scenes. Our people are professionals, you don’t often see us but you know that we are always here over delivering to make the difference for you.”

Founder – Wayne Peters 

a lifelong sports enthusiast, participant and adventurer, never taking life for granted!

Racing was always a passion, and a family tradition. My first words were literally “Go Daddy Go!” 

I know about fierce competition, teamwork, discipline, risk and reward.

I cut my teeth doing sponsorship and promotion packs for racing teams (including my own) across western Canada. Then with the digital revolution it was on to everything else marketing and promotions for a lot of years.
 Along the way I have had the fortune of being involved with many opportunities. I spent years mentoring and learning with history and planet changers, as well as some of today’s industry leaders.

Now my fortune is to personally lead great people across a broad spectrum of pursuits and passions. This amazing and experienced team possesses highly valuable skill sets and unique perspectives which are all focused on one thing for all of our clients.


1st Dibbs founder Wayne Peters taking laps in an Indy car

This determination to live life to the fullest put me on a different path early in life. Always pushing boundaries and seeking more learning, now sharing that experience and knowledge by way of consulting, coaching and mentoring. Being able to teach and empower people inspires me, so I’m selfish that way. I like to help as many people as I can every day! Win win right? 

There were a lot of tough lessons along the way, anyone who tells you they haven’t failed a few times, has nothing to teach.  But now the choice is confirmed daily. When I wake up and find that there are people so anxious to talk to me they couldn’t sleep, or when they say that I inspired them. In some ways they empower me as much or more than I empower them.

To me that defines a successful life.

Empowered people go and make impacts, in a lot of lives and a lot of different ways I know it. When we pay that forward that is success amplified. As a result the Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Athletes we work with have achieved massive success. From growths in the thousands of percentile for some, to 8 World Titles, 7 Canadian Titles and more along the way! We encourage, empower, and enable success. This philosophy of giving has been working from our beginning in 1999 on the ‘Dirt Track Racing Circuits’ to today’s ‘World Championship Events’ with no signs of slowing down.

Wayne's fun is about riding his motorcycle
Wayne spending time in Daytona is about visiting the Hall of Fame