Crisp professional animations have never been easier to obtain, with 1st Dibbs video services you are able to get great animations in no time that fit your business perfectly. When you place your order with us, 3 unique designs will be created for you to choose from, so you can be sure you will get exactly what you want the first time! Video animations can capture the attention of your audience in ways no other media can, if your looking to boost your success your in the right place. Contact us for now Introductory pricing! 

The Average Is 7 Interactions

before a prospect becomes a customer… Custom video animations are inexpensive and highly effective ways of boosting both your exposure and your interactions with your audience. Videos get noticed so more quickly turn them into customers. The visual options are endless, customize one of your own intros, what are you waiting for … Super charge your success with 1st Dibbs.

Custom Commercial Video Outro’s

 So now to speed up conversions… Custom video animations are a simple & exceptionally memorable way to direct traffic and interactions with your audience. You were to a great start with your custom intro’s, now turn it up and close it out right! The options are endless to take your excited consumer in the direction you want. What are you waiting for … Super charge your success with 1st Dibbs. 

The most common concerns are “How do I get it done right, and in my budget?”

and that is why we exist, what are you waiting for … Supercharge your Success!

Design | Branding | Exposure

We design video that fits your brand, cornerstones of your promotional and marketing action plan. You need high return assets for your efforts. Create an immediate awareness edge over your competitors, be first to create that prospect conversion and brand loyalty.

Social Media Means Massive Opportunity

this is the best time in history to be in business.. nothing else works as well as video to raise your  awareness and exposure. Does it get any better than that? The challenge for most is getting mired in the noise without knowing where to start looking for answers.


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