High Quality Visual Content

 & Strategic Social Media Distribution

Success Business Today Practically Demands It

That means finding the right solutions, not waiting for things to change.

The Right Team

   Our team takes pride in being a part of successful businesses daily with our highly customized visual services and targeted exposure distribution solutions. We are here to help you go farther, faster, or higher than would be otherwise possible. Every superstar has a team.

“An Afternoon of complete genius! Working with Wayne has opened new and exciting avenues of brand recognition across all social media platforms. It is worth the investment to do things the RIGHT WAY from the start! This individualized coaching has taken my dream and vision, clarified it and taken it to another level, to new avenues I hadn’t even thought of! That is the power of working with an expert “


Theresa Jackson

Enlightened Journeys

Todays businesses need to know how to market themselves if they want success. If you don’t have a great “digital footprint”, chances are that you will be overlooked, sales go to the competitor who does. We see this time and again these days, “Imagine two products, one has a massive following online where the other does not. The prospective sale will almost always go to the one who gets noticed. It’s simple, consistent Social Media and high quality Visuals make the sales, and that is the way it is. Which one do you want to be?

Programs will require the completion of a questionnaire before their program begins. This is to ensure participants receive the most value and opportunity from their participation!

“Thanks to 1st Dibbs my media reach has grown by leaps and bounds. I am not a computer guy and frankly barely know how to check my email but 1st Dibbs has been able to help even me have a better Internet and media presence. Thanks guys I would and do recommend 1st Dibbs to anyone serious about bringing there biz to the next level”

-Anthony Ford

Four Time World Muay Thai Champion


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