Free Athlete Registry

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Welcome to our Free Athlete Registry, This is a free way to connect those looking for each other, Athletes, Fighters, Coaches, Promotions Companies, Sponsors…you name it! I wanted to show some appreciation, to thank all of the Athletes I know and give them a little gift. I wanted to do something special for every single one of you. This meant I had to be creative! I spent a lot of time thinking about this, thinking about the things that all of you want versus what I know all of you need.

 Thinking about all of your needs was the simple part, you all could use training assistance (I know it’s expensive). You need sponsors to help with things like equipment, vitamins & supplements, gear etc. You need to have income to take care of families, keep the lights on at home and food on your tables. We couldn’t sponsor you all. So what kinds of things COULD WE DO instead, my team and I came up with this idea. We wanted to find a way that we could use our skill sets to help you out. We wanted to do it in a more meaningful way than to just send you a t-shirt or something that would fade away actually without helping you to your goals or destiny. This is what we did:

 Our team at 1st Dibbs Multi-Media is small yet but growing fast. What we are very good at is networking. We connect the dots, connecting Athletes with the right people. That’s skill we used to create the 1st Dibbs “Athlete Registry”. Register now, it will only take a minute. Fulfill your needs so you can get your wants.

 In the 1st Dibbs registry we ask you to share with us a little about yourself, your sport, your goals, your background, your ambitions and dreams. That helps us to look for the right connection for you, with the companies or businesses that would be excited to work with you! Our team meets and speaks with hundreds of Corporations every month, some of whom MIGHT be exactly the ones you need to meet. These are real and possible opportunities you can gain by filling out the 1st Dibbs Registry, what you do with them will still be up to you at this point. We promise we won’t spam you (we hate spam too) and your information will all be held in the strictest confidence by our team.

Don’t miss out and also sign up for our monthly updates. We will show our appreciation by making sure they are totally worth your while to receive.

 If you are not interested in new sponsors or endorsements or you’re just not interested please just delete this email, we won’t bother you again. If you are interested, fill in the form in the attached link. We very much look forward to helping you get what you need along your journey!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and we hope to chat with you soon!

Wayne Peters,

Chief Marketing Officer and Founder at 1st Dibbs Multi-Media

Free Athlete Registry

Welcome to our Free Athlete Registry

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