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Your business needs you spending all of your time doing what you do best. Certainly not spending all of your time stuck in an endless learning curve or being sucked down the rabbit hole that your Social Media can become.

Your business is banking on it.


let us do what we do best, free your time, get you results, and deliver peace of mind

Custom Visual Content – Social Media Strategies – Consistent Execution

Website Designs –  Social Media Management – Commercial Video

Your social media should serve you. If you’ve been in business for any amount of time now, you already know the opportunity Social Media provides. You have already probably figured out by now that “knowing how to use Social Media“… is far different from “effectively using Social Media for business” and Nephew Billy may not be the best choice.


Two of the most important ingredients in any recipe for business success today include amazing visuals, and media activity done right.

The statistics are staggering, if your not using video you are falling behind.

You already know how much work it is trying to keep up to your media monster and how life sucking it is. It’s always changing, and keeping up is more technical than imaginable! the problem is…

if it isn’t getting the attention it needs, you may not be seeing the results you need. If not, then you know that it’s costing you opportunity if you are not getting enough out of your social media.

If it is time for better results but you are not sure where to start, you’re in the right place.

I have used these guys to help me create social firestorms and perfect video. My success, in recent years has been from standing on the shoulders of giants like 1st Dibbs. Hire them.

Sandy Pembroke - Founder

Marketing Specialist | BBA, PhD, ABD | , Sandy Beach Marketing HQ

Our Job is Simple

to design you amazing Social Media Content, and then distribute that content in the most effective way, every single day. We provide you simple solutions and consistent exposure to maximize your message, and your business.

Your most value is time spent within your expertise.

(Not doing the time and mind sucking things others could be doing)

Visuals are the primary Social Media lead generators for your business. That’s so critical because you only have seconds to get someones attention. Delivering your message effectively to the right audience to get your business the reach and exposure you need… is not best left to the teenage nephew. You need your message delivered to the right places at the right times for the right prospects 24/7.

Social Media

Our Social Media Exposure programs meet the needs of the clients through strategic processes. Connecting businesses to audiences via custom, high quality content strategies and distribution. Achieve maximum results, at the most efficient expense and become a media force!

Video Services

Our team is all about increasing public awareness, and brand recognition via video. It’s “Grassroots Visual Marketing.” We can engage attention and recognition in any business sector or industry. This includes broadcasting, advertising, social media, digital platforms, ticket sales, and community relations.

Website Design

Working side by side we create your vision in WordPress. Todays websites are created differently, it’s all about mobility, user experience, and speed. You need an adaptive, fast, and visually stunning website to be recognized as the authority in your Business, Industry, or Niche. Ensure your success.

Consulting Services

Let’s talk about the power of knowledge, from the business perspective time is money. The longer you are stuck in that learning curve to make it “great,” the higher the loss of revenue for your business. Skip the curve, save the time, avoid the confusion, noise, and stress. Get the answers you need to keep moving forward with one on one consulting.

First-rate management, and wonderful company to work with. We have partnered with 1st Dibbs because we truly believe that they are first class in what they do. Wayne really goes to bat for his athletes. You cannot find a better company to work with!

Andrew Davis

Founder , Weapon Fight Gear


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