“Champions are not in it to try it… they are only in to win”

For those who want to win Championships. Welcome, ‘Winning Is Our Game…’

After you decide you are “in it to win it,” the rules are simple. We provide or create the visual and marketing tools, knowledge and coaching. You get the opportunity to get to where you want to go. We will empower you in developing yourselves, and your businesses successfully. Experience means working with a designer or coach who has more than 20 years of experience. We understand your challenges, and provide solutions. We are in a great position to make sure you win with passion, experience and thousands of industry contacts.¬†

I have used these guys to help me create social firestorms ūüĒ• and perfect video. My success, in recent years has been from standing on the shoulders of giants like 1st Dibbs. Hire them.

Sandy Pembroke - 2X World Champion

Social Media Strategist | Marketing Specialist | Executioner of Both | BBA, PhD, ABD, Sandy Beach Marketing HQ

A dedicated team

We involve all sectors of the Sports Industries,

Broadcasting, Advertising, Social Media, Digital Platforms, & Community Relations

sports marketing coach and expert Wayne Peters attending a wind surfing competition

Sports Marketing

Our Sport Marketing programs are designed to meet the needs and wants of the consumer through strategic processes. Connecting businesses, and teaching athletes the winning strategies of: Planning, Perception, and Action. When you team up with champions you become a champion.

Entertainment Marketing

Our team is all about increasing participation among the public. It’s “Grassroots Sports Marketing.”¬†We engage our full attention and resources that¬†involve a wide variety of sectors of the sport industry. This includes broadcasting, advertising, social media, digital platforms, ticket sales, and community relations.

Brand Ambassadors

We give our clients access to the right tools. They get the training and coaching athlete brand ambassadors need at any level. Become the stars any business would be excited to have represent their brands. This ensures success where others may struggle for many years.

Athlete Services

Let’s talk Sponsorships, both from the business perspective and the athletes. Our athletes are educated, coached and trained to be focused on the concerns of the brands they represent and to the use of sporting events, sporting teams and to promote various products.

First-rate management, and wonderful company to work with. We have partnered with 1st Dibbs because we truly believe that they are first class in what they do. Wayne really goes to bat for his athletes. You cannot find a better company to work with!

Andrew Davis

Founder , Weapon Fight Gear